Kyoto Lo-Fi – “Spaceships”

kyoto lofi

Having the term “lo-fi” in your band’s name essentially informs listeners that polished production may not be your forte, but fortunately it’s something you’re aware of and have strategically worked around. After all, the best of lo-fi material is created from being inventive and focused with whatever resources are available; it’s not a sympathetic label/sub-genre for artists who can’t play music very well and would prefer to cloak that beyond indecipherable production.

Dallas-based Kyoto Lo-Fi certainly show off the strengths of lo-fi rock music very well, particularly on electrifying track “Spaceships”, where a very intense composition of tantalizing flowing electric guitars, an impressively paced rhythm section, and an emotionally gripping vocal performance. These are all particular trends throughout the very impressive Black Rainbow EP, which has the “demo” label on Bandcamp but certainly sounds strong enough to be a finished product. “Spaceships” alternates well between the raucous vocals and electrifying guitars taking charge in the verses, with them both combining – in addition to the hectic bass – in the central chorus. With the other three EP tracks being just as strong (stream below), Kyoto Lo-Fi have already shown themselves to be an embodiment of the wonderful lo-fi rock tunes that truly and proudly embody the approach.

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