Oakes & Smith – “Closer to Home” (ft. Jon Anderson)

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“Closer to Home” is a pleasant folk-pop ballad from Oakes and Smith’s new EP Between the Earth and the Sky, released this past Tuesday. Sweeping gentle orchestral sounds and Katherine Oakes’ soft vocals lead the charge, with flutes and strings combining to produce a sound nostalgically reminiscent of ’60s and ’70s folk. The group’s lyrical inspirations of love, nature, art, spirit and poetry add to that, with the simplistic yet universally relatable sentiments being a wise choice for the easy-listening experience. The song at times resembles something you’d hear in a pub back in medieval times – an entrancing chanteuse with earthly lyrics and gentle orchestral and acoustical accompaniments.  The song also features the vocals of Yes’ Jon Anderson, so that’s cool too.

Check out another one of the EP’s tracks, “So Beautiful”, below:

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