Ramsey – “See You Bleed”

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“See You Bleed” sits admirably in the spectrum between effervescent pop immediacy and oddball experimental versatility. The intensely emotional vocal performance on “See You Bleed” is gripping enough to warrant attention on its own; Ramsey’s vocals alternate between angelic crooning and fiercely determined choruses. Her “I just want to see you bleed” line is finished with a longing raspiness that’s entirely genuine in delivery. Over the buzzing synths and minimalist percussion, the vocals take front and center stage, retreating to a more wordless and subdued form in the final minute in a wise come-down strategy of sorts. Melancholy and anger are both conveyed in powerfully melodic form from this rising LA-based singer/songwriter, who admirably pursues a more idiosyncratic form of pop music.

Mike Mineo

I'm the founder/editor of Obscure Sound, which was formed in 2006. Previously, I wrote for PopMatters and Stylus Magazine.

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