Red Cabin – “Evading”

red cabin camp fire

Camp Fire is a delightful stylistic step forward for Red Cabin, the pop/rock/experimental solo project from NY-based Jonathan Foster. The project has always been an outlet for extremely hook-y power-pop songwriting, first shown on the bouncy “Right This Way” (the gem that turned me onto this project) and then the equally good “Patterns“. Foster has certainly shown considerable atmospheric reach before, like on the medieval-like instrumentation on “Patterns”, but Camp Fire proves to be his most immersive release to date.

Perhaps most exemplary of the release’s strengths are “Evading” and “Mystery”, two efforts that are darker than Red Cabin’s usual shade, but retain his wonderful power-pop hook spirit. “Evading” begins with a rather ominous acoustic progression and distant psychedelic phasing, a far cry from the usually chipper Red Cabin efforts. Just after the one-minute mark he shifts his vocal tone up a bit, leading into a fantastic chorus aided by a jangly guitar and clap-laden percussion over Foster’s anthemic and melodically faultless delivery. “Mystery” is more brisk in its movement, a trickling acoustic guitar and a prickly piano melody accompanying a haunting melody that sounds like dark surf-pop at its finest.

Stream Camp Fire in full below:

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