Sedgewick – “Beneath the Fireworks”

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Chicago-based dream-folk project Sedgewick are masters of emotionally stirring songwriting, with nostalgic lyrical sentiments that sound close-to-home regardless of your personal proximity to the lyricist. Perhaps such is to be expected by a group who named a song “Nostalgia” and begins it with sounds of children playing and a crawling upright bass. On that track, the unique vocals – strained in an endearing sense, like Robin Pecknold or Andrew Bird – are rich enough in tone to stand on their own beside the lulled bass. As is the case for the group’s tracks in general, the developmental songwriting throughout is purely beautiful, the subtle chord changes and introduction of gentle keys and strings all done with welcome precision.

All four tracks off the band’s first EP, Gardens, are impressive, though I’m particularly drawn in by the similarly retrospective “Beneath the Fireworks” the most; strings creep in sporadically from the get-go, the lush folk acoustical progression meshing gorgeously with the swelling strings and varied vocal approach, which launches into a commendable period of melodic soaring around 02:25. Somewhere between the melancholic croon of Sun Kil Moon, the soaring folk of Fleet Foxes, and the emotional chamber-pop of Andrew Bird – there’s Sedgewick’s very consuming sound.

Stream Gardens below:

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