Posted February 11, 2016 by Melyssa Mineo in Tracks

Small Forward – “I’ve Been on Track”

Small Forward

Small Forward are a fresh lo-fi psych-pop trio based out of L.A. Twangy guitars begin “I’ve Been on Track” with a gently consuming southern-rock atmosphere. Distorted vocals string out the slow-moving guitar trickles and gently reflective keys that lead to a dreamy chorus, precluded by vocals that alternate between heightened and restrained intensity. The “Do something new / Be someone new” central hook is emotionally stirring and melodically gripping, a perfect succession to the suavely twinkling verses. Toward the end of the track – around 03:50 – psychedelic keys and reverberating synths take center stage for a warbly instrumental outro, until the track culminates with ritualistic vocals and fades out with more trippy synths. “I’ve Been on Track” is the perfect track for a night of whiskey-sipping alone or with a few close friends.

Melyssa Mineo