Baskerville Jones – “So Right”



“So Right” is a simple yet affecting love song from Baskerville Jones, a talented singer/songwriter originally from Nashville but now living in Los Angeles. Getting her start on Groove Junkies’ 2012 single “Born to Flow” and as the vocalist for soul/jazz/funk outfit The Rebirth, Jones quickly showed her engaging vocal chops – specifically an equal ability to sing howling blues and saccharine pop love songs. The Mile 1 EP represents her first solo project, with new track “So Right” being softer and sweeter than previous material. A pleasant and upbeat, almost reggae-tinged, guitar/organ melody serves as the perky accompaniment, while the absence of percussion lends to a tranquil feeling that fits Jones’ vocal style quite well. She also shows off her funky soaring abilities from 03:10 to 03:30 another plus in this simple yet effective track.

Mike Mineo

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