Pat Campo – “Without Me”


First things first: maybe I’m late to the party, but this is the first 360° music video I’ve seen – and it’s pretty cool. The possibilities are fun to think about. It’s also a great way to get viewers genuinely immersed in the video. Anyway, “Without Me” – the funky new electro-pop track from Pat Campo – plays with this concept throughout its music video, but even on its own the single is a standout.

The elusive singer/songwriter from Los Angeles actually uses a puppet as his persona, to emphasize artistry and sound over image. He has a collection of humorous comedic tracks – like “Wrong Side Of Right to Leggo My Ego” – so the concepts, from the puppet to the music video, are certainly engaging. On the songwriting front, “Without Me” sports a great hook – “I just gotta go, I just need to go / You can do this without me” – and fun instrumentation that meshes traditional power-pop with electronica. It’s a successful track from a very charismatic rising artist.

Stream Pat’s new album, Clouds In My Head, below:

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