Upper Regions – “Below the Surface”

teknofonic essentials

The futuristic electro effort “Below the Surface” is one of many highlights from the recently released Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 compilation, put out by Teknofonic Recordings last September. The NYC-based label aims to produce “genre-defying sounds that fall outside the mainstream”, a sentiment this 20-track release – streamable in full below – certainly accomplishes. Founded by Adam Reifsteck (studio alias: Sonic Fear), the label does well in providing an easy-flowing track list with several notable included efforts.

“Below the Surface” is a great example of the compilation’s atmospheric prowess; this gem from Upper Regions (Jim Roditis) uses effervescent spacey synth pads and an industrial rhythm section some would say is reminiscent of Goldeneye 64. The gentle synth arpeggios and industrial rhythms combine for a very hypnotic allure, reminiscent of glowing electro works from the likes of R√∂yksopp and The Field. Other highlights on the release include the Daft Punk-esque electro-pop stomper “Novacaine” and Acid Daze’s developmentally alive “Trigger”.

Stream the entirety of Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 below:

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