Con Koan – “Carried Away”

con koan

The duo of Madison Rumpf and Robert Cleveland have been at it for around a year with their project Con Koan, whose upcoming Melánie EP features stunners like “Indian” and “Carried Away”. With distant vocals, trickling tropical synths, and an expansive build-up that reminds of Caribou’s Andorra era, “Carried Away” is a very moving effort in particular — especially as various vocal elements collide for a truly spine-chilling eruption during the mid-section.

“‘Carried Away’ is a song about love and disenchantment,” Cleveland told Little Indie Blogs for the track’s premiere. “I was in a somewhat manipulative relationship and the ‘carried away’ refrain is a nonchalant sort of ‘woe is me’ acknowledgement of a shitty relationship pursued in my salad days. Then again, that’s just what you get when you put all your eggs in one basket, depending on happiness from another human being when you don’t exactly have any of your own shit figured out. It’s also a bit of a ‘he said, she said’ piece: some shit you say during the aftermath of a break-up, in an attempt to rationalize and get over that inner turmoil boiling over at the occasional thought of, ‘oh, shit! I used to really love this person’.”

The equally excellent “Indian” can also be streamed below:

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