Fred Colombo – “Kill Me”

fred colombo2

With “Kill Me”, Fred Colombo conjures up a nocturnal and emotional synth-pop sound, with a stirring build-up and spoken-word verse/melodic chorus structure reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys. The vocal approach reminds of a PSB track like “Rent“, though “Kill Me” pursues an even darker path – as you can tell by its name alone – and in turn crafts a piano-tinged atmosphere akin to Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore most sullen material and Massive Attack’s darkly atmospheric concoctions. This is in regard to the verses, at least. The fun, dance-leaning chorus is a contrast in its jumpy delivery, but the actual lyrics – “kill me” – and tortured vocals provide an enjoyable contrast of sorts. Highly melodic key progressions cap this very melodic effort off, providing a greatly melodic showcase for this veteran French/Italian musician.

Mike Mineo

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