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Ronjo V – “Dying Wish”

ronjo v

Ronjo V is the Austin-based duo of Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan, tactful surveyors of contemporary psych-rock – the sort that’s persistently melodic and colorful, without getting swept in the over-indulgent tendencies of other genre tinkerers, who tend to stick with overly solos and value complexity over feeling. Early Tame Impala are a good point of comparison in terms of what Ronjo V are doing well, though Ronjo V also inject an occasionally bluesy strut into their sound that conjures additional acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It’s ultimately a culmination of various caressing rock styles to result in something that is very mellow — somewhat a mash-up of Tame Impala’s early organic psych-rock creations, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s blues/psych infusions, and Kurt Vile’s lush and alluring psych-pop — the vile comparison shown particularly well on the gorgeous “UnFriend”. For its suaveness and crisp melodies, Beck also comes to mind.

“Slo Motion” and “Dying Wish”, also off their new 6-song EP Ronjoism, is more in the electric spectrum, the former riding on loose and spacey guitar movements and the latter serving up some solid jangle-pop infectiousness not far from the work of Real Estate. It has a nice, distortion-friendly and raucous hook in its core as well. Ronjoism as a whole is recommended; grab it on iTunes here and stream half of it below:

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