Yury – “Intrinsically Motivated”

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On “Growing Pains” NYC-based hip-hop artist Yury reminds of fellow NY-ers Das Racist in his free-flowing, tongue-in-cheek delivery over playful and colorful synth-pop adornments. It’s a laid-back approach that showcases the artist as an adaptive fan of hip-hop, a genre he’s been producing since 2008. Since then he’s performed at over 60 shows and released seven albums, in addition to having one of his albums reach #2 on Amazon’s ‘Most Downloaded’ list.

One of Yury’s most recent track releases is the darkly entrancing “Intrinsically Motivated”, where he pursues a more nocturnal route in his delivery, at least comparable to the more effervescent “Growing Pains” (below). On “Intrinsically Motivated”, the first few minutes see a darkly cavernous wandering through flickering synths and distant faint percussion, while the final two minutes reveal a more furious delivery before fading into mellow beat-driven unconsciousness. These tracks are starkly different in their feel, but they do showcase the versatility one can expect when listening to Yury.

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