Andrew Butler – “We Both Know”

andrew butler

London-based singer/songwriter Andrew Butler has a timeless sound that has conjured comparisons to acts ranging from Roy Orbison to Jeff Buckley — primarily, the sort with a powerfully distinctive voice and ability to interweave stunningly endearing musical compositions with relatable, life-affirming narratives. On the stunning “We Both Know” – just released today – the guitar twangs toward the track’s concluding moments coinciding with Butler’s haunting croon tops this one off nicely and bring forth some of the former’s comparisons, with ample development preceding that, led by a gently flowing assortment of acoustics, natural percussion, and piano twinkles. His arsenal and songwriting approach remind of Buckley, as well as another Andrew — Andrew Bird. These for high complements for any emerging songwriter, and with that and the fantastic “We Both Know” there’s a lot to look forward to with Andrew Butler.


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