Chris Wirsig / no:carrier – “The Lost Artifact”

chris wirsig

Apart from perhaps Halloween, there’s no better time to post the work of Chris Wirsig than on a Friday the 13th. The San Francisco-based classically trained musician combines over 15 years experience in music production with a personal fascination for the “13 Crystal Skulls” conspiracy and “mysterious atmospheres and dark places.” In general, his soundscapes resemble those of horror films, where a looming foreboding presents itself around every dark turn. His newest release The 13 Crystal Skulls, under Chris Wirsing / no:carrier, features 13 instrumental tracks that will certainly appeal to fans of the dark ambient genre. From the jerking shrill keys and dark synth pads of opener “Overture” to the  ghostly creaking of “Ghosts of the Aztecs” and cinematic soar of closer “The Lost Artifact”, it’s a very convincing output from a songwriter and producer who will certainly be sought out by horror movie directors.

Stream the rest of the album below:

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