Foresteater – “Very Friendly People”


Multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Mikey Pro formed his project Foresteater after he had a dream about “a band playing on an island in outer-space with electric rainbows everywhere.” Whatever works. The Phoenix, AZ-based artist describes his tunes as “melodramatic songs with psychedelic harmonies under catchy melodies.” That’s a fine way to describe his track “Very Friendly People”; hypnotic guitar riffs fondly of ’90s alt-rock kicks things off, with Pro assuming a spaced-out sort of vocal delivery that reminds of Greg Gilbert’s (The Delays) distinctive presence. The guitars possess a shimmering tonal quality, which combined with Pro’s vocal effervescence makes for a very bright-sounding piece of contagiousness — especially the massively resonating chorus that kicks into full gear at 01:41. This is an exhilarating showing from Mikey Pro, aka Foresteater.

Foresteater’s debut EP, Nightlife of the Exploding Heads, was released on May 6th.

5/19 UPDATE: The music video for “Very Friendly People” was just released today. Watch it below:

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