The Hazy Seas – “Evergreen”

hazy seas music

Out of Marquette, Michigan comes The Hazy Seas, a group who will immediately strike listeners who are fans of Phoenix, Foals, and other acts fond of shimmering fast-paced guitars, vocal youthful exuberance, and an all-out infectious approach that takes a liking to fleeting arpeggios and anthemic hooks. “Evergreen” doesn’t break down stylistic barriers in the jangly indie-rock niche, but what it does exceptionally well – via the hang-loose vocals, twangy lead/crunchy rhythm guitar approach, and easy-to-recall central hook – is conjure visions of blue seas, green meadows, or whichever landscape gives one a sense of bliss to look forward to. The final 15 seconds or so also sounds like a cool homage to The Smiths, which is fun.

Mike Mineo

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