Henri Bardot – “Figurine”


Henri Bardot makes haunting dream-folk from Portland, Oregon. Lingering pianos, a ghostly choir-like series of vocals, and Bardot’s smooth-as-butter vocals lead his touching new track “Figurine”, with expansion starting when he near-whispers “you can play with me” over gentle guitar twangs and subdued percussion. The high-pitched piano arpeggio that begins at 02:22 begins a remarkably beautiful phase of the track, where the yearning melody meshes wonderfully with a stirring string arrangement. The ensuing lyrics – “Killing time / You worked till 5:03, and drove towards the trees / You stood outside / Looked at the frozen creek, thought about the sea,” – are the perfect table-setter to the nocturnal and longing mood set in this gorgeous track, which shows Bardot’s many strengths well.

Two more of his recently released gems are below:

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