Iconique – “Sitting Pretty”


iconique sitting prety

Somewhere in the separate realms of Pet Shop Boys’ sophisticated synth-pop, Hot Chip’s infectious funkay-ness, and Bowie’s otherworldly aura, Iconique’s new track “Sitting Pretty” stands tall as a massive success from a group I’ll surely be keeping my eye on. Its immediate infectious appeal is rare for tunes these days. It has a vocal theatrical quality that recalls the likes of Bowie and Freddie Mercury (especially in the soaring chorus), which combined with the spacey synth arpeggios makes for a very hypnotic and atmospheric experience. The first hook – around 00:55 – is wonderful, showcasing the track’s tonal vocal versatility in flourishing form. The percussive build-up around 01:10 – transitioning the falsetto – is also excellently done and very satisfying.

We’re thrilled to premiere this excellent track. Look out for more from Iconique in the coming months.

Mike Mineo

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