Imre Elzer – “Some of Us”

imre elzer

Imre Elzer is a Dutch musician living in Norway who performs and produces the majority of his music as a one-man project. With an EP and album released in 2015, Elzer has two new singles out this year, including the otherworldly “Some of Us”, where some of Elzer’s psych-pop influences (Dungen, Tame Impala) are evident in addition to his own unique strengths, notably the ability to evolve from something fairly simple into a piece of sweepingly majestic beauty. The initial melody – a playful synth-pop adornment of pulsating effervescence – is active in some form throughout, with Elzer’s distinctively powerful vocals and fade-in/fade-out effects (like the aquatic emergence around 01:14, resembling Gorillaz) adding gradual versatility, in addition to elements like the robot-vocals around two minutes and the wordless chamber-pop echoing that follows. This is a striking track from a distinctive songwriter.

Check out his other single from this year, “Why Do You Never Look Me In The Eyes?”, below:

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