The Junction – “City Nights”


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“City Nights” is a striking stylistic excursion into neon-tinged funk and pop, with a slow disco-like sorta feel in its playful bass line and “all those city nights” vocal hook. The lead vocals enter seamlessly as the choir-like vocals fade out from the intro, with some successfully interesting guitar distortion effects lending an additional melody around 02:30, with a key/choir hybrid arriving shortly thereafter to join for a brilliantly symphonic conclusion for this wonderful effort from The Junction, a Toronto-based trio who formed in 2000.

When asked about the single, lead singer Brent Jackson explained: “It’s a love song to the songwriters oldest love… being a night hawk. It’s a seductive freedom under the street lights that leads him outside – an inspiring place to breath new sense to life. Keeps him thinking, driven and awakened. It shapes who he is and how he thinks. Overall, a place of mental calm where he can be at one with aloneness; he feels more alert and more ‘himself’ when the sun rolls down.”

“The lyrics were written while biking down the side streets around High Park. An ode to the night. It captures nostalgia, of the many times he’s danced in its street lit playground. This song is for everyone that relates. To connect us, ‘hawks’.”

“City Nights” was co-produced by The Junction and Jose Miguel Contreras at Slaughterhouse Studios in Toronto, mixed by Gus Van Go & Werner F, and mastered by Bryan Martin at Sonosphere in Montreal.

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