The Lost Poets – “Danny Electro”

The Lost Poets are an elusive blues-rock duo from Stockholm, Sweden that tout a muscular, guitar-driven sound. They’re already attracting attention in Sweden (by appearing in Dolph Lundgren’s forthcoming film With You I’m Nothing) and beyond (opened for Volto, the band from Tool drummer Danny Carey, at the Viper Room in Los Angeles — where they’re now based). In addition to their present music efforts, the duo is currently at work on a short film (Tales from Insubordia – a likely reference to their 2014 EP Insubordia)) and even a childrens’ book called The Lost Poets.

On the primary, music side they’re putting out singles like “Danny Electro”, where a deeply sonorous croon opens over developing guitar distortion and growing anthemic percussion, growing to an excitable chorus with an arsenal that will sound familiar to fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and the like. It’s a nice effort from a band whose profile continues to grow rapidly by the day.

Mike Mineo

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