Mons Vi – “American C.R.E.A.M.”

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Mons Vi are already off to a great 2016, with their Self Help EP – and tracks like “Falling” – showcasing the Brooklyn trio as fast-rising indie-rock gems. Groups like Real Estate came to mind on a comparison standpoint for that release, with a style that fell between ’90s alternative and recent more slack-friendly rock efforts. With new track “American C.R.E.A.M.”, they pursue the more psych-rock spectrum, with tranquil organs and sporadic guitars guiding the initial subdued croon.

Key-laden twinkles and guitar twangs help enforce a more prominent vocal presence just after the 20-second point, with a variety of playful vocal effects and sweeping melodies developing throughout. This is a generally more playful track than previous efforts from an instrumental standpoint, showing an accessible form of a group with no reluctance to tonal experimentation. The lyrical message, revolving around the evils of capitalism (“pasting all of my coupons to a bleeding child’s eyes”), is effectively conveyed — resulting in an enjoyable juxtaposition that renders this track infectiously moving.

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