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Roger Singh Kahlon – “Believe”

roger singh kahlon

“Believe” is a wonderfully spacious track that sits somewhere between light electro-pop and suave alt-rock, with a jubilant chorus that rides nicely on multiple vocal layers and twinkling keys. The ensuing “Christmas time, snow falling” verse is particularly scene-setting in an effective way, the effervescent and trickling keys conjuring a winter-like soundscape, which works well with the yearning suaveness of the vocals. The transition into the chorus – “the first thing we need to do…” – is exceptionally well-done in its cohesive elegance. With the bridge between the captivating verses and infectious chorus being sound, it’s not a surprise that the track manages to captivate significantly. This is a bright-eyed, effervescent piece of pop that will get stuck in your head for days.

NYC-based Roger Singh Kahlon is certainly one to look out for. Check out three other excellent tracks from his Future/Love EP below:

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