Eric Anders – “Big World Abide”

eric anders

California-based singer/songwriter Eric Anders has been developing a steady fanbase since his debut album, Not At One in 2003. He proceeded to release three solid albums in the next three years – Songs For Wayward Days (2004), More Regrets (2005) and Tethered to the Ground (2006). Anders’ warm and melodic singer/songwriter sound has been honed by names like Jeff Peters (who has worked with the Beach Boys and Brian Selzer) and Randy Mitchell, who played slide guitar on Warren Zevon’s album The Wind before adding his guitar talents to Not At One and Songs for Wayward Days.

This past March saw the release of a greatest hits compilation of sorts, entitled Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders. “Big World Abide”, the second track off the compilation, is a great example of Anders’ ability to craft a mood. Here, it’s laid-back and melancholic, with a jazzy feel propelled by the piano flourishes and vibrant rhythm section. Anders’ voice isn’t commanding, but much like Pearl Jam ballads he lets tone and instrumental adornments aid in the emotional process. It adds to the instrumentation and never detracts. The result is something very compelling. Stream the rest of the compilation below:

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