HATE DRUGS – “Never Wanna Leave”

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“Never Wanna Leave” recalls bittersweet ballads of the ’50s and ’60s, as tinges of surf-pop and other beach-set vibes made their way into classical pop song structures. Beach-set acts have been consistent in appearing since then, all with various interpretations and stylistic infusions, and I’m particularly fond of one of the newest iterations: the group HATE DRUGS. Their new track “Never Wanna Love”, produced by Cory Reyes, brilliantly applies sweeping orchestral additions that never demand full attention but still serve as a grandiose supplement to the harmonious vocals and guitar work, bringing to mind David Vandervelde’s “Corduroy Blues“. The mellow instrumental outro, which lasts over a minute, is a great final touch as well. This is a great one from the Central California-based HATE DRUGS.

Mike Mineo

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