Kid Flicks – “Don Quixote (Death Was A Letter Never Sent)”


kid flicks

“Don Quixote (Death Was A Letter Never Sent)” is a pretty piece of pop songwriting from Athens-based producer, songwriter, and graphic designer Nickos Dervisis. His Kid Flicks project was formed in 2014, as Dervisis wanted to explore “the relationship between electronics and samples with live drums and Middle Eastern percussion.” A worldly perspective (he recorded two dream-pop albums while traveling around Greece and Europe in the past) and an appreciation for contemporary Athenian life and internet culture helps drive Kid Flicks. For this new track, “Don Quixote (Death Was A Letter Never Sent)” rides on an upbeat pop melody with an aesthetic appeal somewhere between natural pop and electronica. A fluttering synth arp and flickering guitar complement Dervisis’ clean and airy vocals, his approach echoing the concise Afro-pop infusion of acts like Vampire Weekend, as well as the sweeping surf-pop harmonics of classics like The Beach Boys (especially prominent during the wordless crooning in the bridge). It’s a breezy and harmonious gem from a clearly talented singer/songwriter.

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