Memoryy – “Out of the Dark”


“Out of the Dark” is an excellent new electro-pop single from Memoryy, previously featured with the anthemic “All My Love”. “Out of the Dark” is a darker-tinged, ’80s-inspired success that I’m even fonder of. The percussive build-up features excellent use of vocal samples, assuming an effervescent key-like presence akin to Prefab Sprout’s sophisti-pop sound. What follows this is a driving, pulsating chorus, where the vocals demand “come on out of the dark!” with infectious conviction. It’s one of Memoryy’s finest hooks yet — which is saying quite a bit. “Out of the Dark” should be the first of many solid releases from Memoryy this year.

Note: Memoryy is or was represented at some point by Obscure PR, which is affiliated with Obscure Sound.

Mike Mineo

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