Todavia – “Baby”


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The gorgeous “Baby” is a new track from Los Angeles-based Rhyan Riesgo, aka Todavia, whose bedroom recordings evoke stunning beauty. Playing keyboard and guitars in addition to vocals and simple percussive additions, Riesgo’s new release Stay (streaming in full below) was created “after two years and much spiritual and individual growth.” Stay “explores new thematic material such as mental illness, introversion, gender and sexual identity, and self-worth.” The fifth of five tracks on the release, “Baby” glides with trembling guitars and wispy synth pads, with the longing and reverbed vocals fitting nicely in the shoegaze and dream-pop realm. It swells in intensity from verse to chorus, each moment showing its own beauty, from the understated verses to the glowing chorus. It’s a great track and release from the LA-based act, whose sound recalls the likes of Grouper, Marissa Nadler, and Beach House very fondly.

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