UT UT UT – “Todo Va A Estar Bien”

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UT UT UT are an electro/disco/groove duo from Buenos Aires, comprised of songwriter/bassist Dana Bell and producer/vocalist P.I.O. Their sound is immediately gripping, making the fact that I don’t know what’s being said throughout “Todo Va A Estar Bien” irrelevant; it’s the type of track where infectiousness trumps all and lyrical comprehension is just a perk. Contrary to many forms of mainstream dance, “Todo Va A Estar Bien” has a massive hook but also an evolving soundscape guided by stunning vocals and synth pad work, which evolves in the beginning from an ominous nocturnal tinge to more effervescent nightlife; the hook reveal around 00:40 – with the stuttering vocal effect and pulsating synths – is expertly maneuvered, marking the track’s two stages: the seductive and darkly mysterious verses and the wonderfully punchy chorus. The group mentioned while submitting that it may appeal to the site’s Hispanic audience, but I tend to think it’s going to resonate with everyone. I’m really digging it.

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