Posted June 1, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Folk

VO5 – “Aurora”

VO5 provides a delightful blast from the past on “Aurora”, a gentle pop ballad that recalls serene singer/songwriter work of the ’60s and ’70s that wasn’t wary of sweeping, sometimes saccharine orchestral accompaniments. On “Aurora” the male-female vocal melodies and nearly bossa-nova percussive feel make for feelings both romantic and wonderfully psychedelic, with the psych-pop elements especially prominent around the two-minute mark, where the various vocals and sweeping orchestration remind of the ’60s soundscape Caribou successfully created on Andorra. The track’s great music video, starring Ken and Barbie on a dreamy northern road trip, adds even more to the otherworldly dream state of the track — with the video’s ending, Barbie waking up in her office after daydreaming of a magical vacation, being relatable to us all.

In addition to fantastic originals, the Wisconsin-based VO5 “perform disco and funk hits by Abba, BeeGees, Ohio Players, Jackson 5 and many more along with some groovy originals.” Dance, funk, disco, electro-pop and psychedelia are all fair game, making this very eclectic group a source of constant entertainment.

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