Maxthor – “Another World”

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Maxthor is a Spanish artist that produces a captivating world fitting of the retro-futuristic aesthetic, making an album that’s “a perfect soundtrack for driving in the middle of the night”, like a spacier version of Chromatics. Maxthor is debuted in the LP format with Another World on July 21st. Album cut “Another World” begins with a gorgeous spacey instrumental, with synth tones fit for ’80s sci-fi and a percussive kick-in at 01:19 that signals the arrival of more punchy arp-laden synths, more akin to the Italo-disco standard. Maxthor mentions trying to attain “the energy of bands of the decade as Survivor or Foreigner” and that’s certainly achieved with the synth lead before the vocals’ emergence. Add in the brass-y exuberance around 04:35 and there’s an undeniable infectious appeal, that enjoyably crosses both ’80s synth-pop and arena-rock.

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