Nix Moon – “Homebound”

nix moon

Nix Moon are a quartet with a colorful instrumental arsenal that includes “guitars, bass, drums, bouzouki, flute, keys, a range of hand drums and four-part harmonies.” Like influence Paul Simon, the group shows a very eclectic stylistic reach, which is particularly why this post features three of their efforts showcasing generally different sounds. The lush and aptly mysterious-sounding “Hitchcock’s Eyes” starts as a ballad before transitioning to a Latin-tinged and jazzy feel reminiscent of Steely Dan, with the final one-third showing an intensified sophisti-pop turn reminiscent of Danny Wilson.

The fun, reggae-tinged “Bad Seed” is the most immediately accessible and jovial of the three, showing a fun and slightly raucous take on island-rock that would make Man Man fans smile. Awesome guitar solo just past the three-minute mark as well. “Homebound” meets somewhere between the two, at an even-paced assortment of rock, jam-band slickness, and world music. All three are equally good, and provide a strong showing of a band with ample potential. They’re all off the band’s new EP, Soul Traffic.

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