see ame – “Can’t” + “Simple”

see ame

See Ame is a solo project out of San Francisco, already capable of haunting dream-pop soundscapes that bring to mind Beach House’s ethereal lushness as well as Chromatics’ nocturnal stirrings. Per Ame, she “creates all of her music in her bedroom with a Roland Juno, a Roli Seaboard, Ableton, and her own vocals.” The project, born from a brief time in Tokyo in 2015, shows great potential on tracks “Can’t” and “Simple”. The former rides on whisper-y effects and a nocturnal synth arpeggio, flickering alongside Ame’s suave vocals that alternate between lower-pitched subtlety and soaring angelic prowess. The latter features a bass-y guitar at the forefront, her vocals here resembling Grimes’ multi-layered and multi-tonal approach in a very complementary way. A sparkling organ-like pad emerges around 01:30 to add a cathedral-like spaciousness, meshing well with the subsequent vocal cooing and Crystal Castles-like static-y pop melody.

Both these tracks are a very strong showing from this San Fran-based solo project, whose new eponymous EP can be streamed below:

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