Show Clothes & Gavriella – “Cafuné”

show clothes

We’ve featured the excellent Show Clothes before with the delicious “Pool Party”, which starred Gavriella on vocals. Her smoothly entrancing lead provided the perfect accompaniment to Show Clothes’ polished production, which started with synth pads, fluttering keys, and bird sounds before the percussion kicks in. There’s a generally tropical and lush vibe apparent in Show Clothes’ production, and the 28-year-old Chicago-based producer shows much of the brilliant same on “Cafuné”, where Gavriella returns as the lead. A marimba-like coolness and clap-laden percussion combine with occasional spurts of brass and a general R&B feel, setting a scene of a breezy day on the beach with cocktail in hand. This is another gem from Show Clothes and Gavriella.

Mike Mineo

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