Stoop Kids – “Good Enough”

stoop kids

“Good Enough” is a timeless-sounding pop tune from Stoop Kids that shows the group as genre-bending songwriters with a knack for soaring hooks. The group is fronted by Griffin Dean singing, rapping, dancing, playing guitar, and writing the majority of the music. He is backed by Thomas Eisenhood (Baritone Saxophone, Harmonies), Sam Fruend (Bass, Harmonies), David Paternostro (Keys, Guitar), and Joe Tontillo (Drums). The five-piece band has independently released two albums and self-booked over 200 shows over the three years since their inception.

Based out of New Orleans, the sensational “Good Enough” begins with surf-pop and ’50s pop harmonies, touting a melodic throwback sound reminiscent of Dent May. The lyrics – dreaming of a potential marriage and “ruling the suburbs” – combines yearning romanticism with small-town heroics, generally successful recipes for a hook-y pop ballad. That the chorus and glistening instrumentation add to the success makes “Good Enough” one with an instantly memorable capacity. Very nice piano interlude break after the two-minute mark as well, showing just the right amount of variation needed. This is an excellent job done.

Mike Mineo

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