Trillionayers – “Alive”


The second single from Trillionayers, “Alive” is just that — a living, breathing take on party-set rock ‘n’ roll that’s another excellent addition to Australia’s fine psych-rock scene. Featuring a hypnotic rhythm section and reverbed howling guitars, combined with the serenely melodic vocals, the track’s Tame Impala comparisons are obvious, and complementary of course — though Trillionayers explore deeper into the vintage alt-rock and grunge heyday, evident especially when the guitars and howling vocals take over around the two-minute mark. The uptick in percussive intensity throughout the final minute, alongside increased ferocity in the guitar tones, continues this beautifully grungy vein of psych-friendly rock. “Alive” is a fantastic track that’s very much alive! Trillionayers are poised for big things.


Mike Mineo

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