Zach Bastian – “Sunset Moon”

zach bastian

The gorgeous “Sunset Moon” is the second single from Zach Bastian’s upcoming debut album Psychic Vampires, which will be released on 8/16. It’s one of the darker tracks on the album, featuring lush acoustics and haunting synths. “The song is an exorcism of life’s ominous energies, the things that seek to drain us rather than give us strength,” Bastian explains. The album was inspired by a number of things, including “haring damage, interpersonal strife, and exodus from religion.” Zach explains: “The entire process of writing and recording these songs felt like a spiritual bloodletting of sorts, but the end result made it more than worth it.”

Bastian’s soft croon reminds nicely of Scritti Politti/Green Gartside, with the soft acoustic/synth arsenal lending to that as well. If you’re a fan of him at all, it’s very likely that Bastian’s sound will of great excitement. With the full-length on the way, it’s looking like we’ll have more caressing gems like “Sunset Moon”.

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