ZIMBRU – “Pwretty Woman”



ZIMBRU are an electro-pop duo from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, comprised of Teodora Retegan and Andrei Bobi?. They lead with “ice-cool vocal melodies” and synth arp-friendly seduction on new track “Pwretty Woman”, reminiscent of a more pop-leaning The Knife in the nonchalant vocals and Chromatics in the nocturnal synth-pop arsenal, as well as showing some funk-laden excellence starting around 01:30. “After years of making weird psychedelic music we’ve put our silver shoes on and now we’re dancing to chic beats,” they write on their Soundcloud, though it’s nice that the final minute or so has some psych-friendly aspects in the bridge. This is a stellar effort that’s well-paced and shimmering with synth-pop hooks.

Mike Mineo

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