Posted August 18, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Folk

6 Wings – “Money For My Thoughts”

6 wings

With an infectious funk-laden beat and melodic delivery, “Penny For My Thoughts” is a captivating track from 6 Wings, the hip-hop project of Dieusen Maxime, based out of North Lauderdale. The verses provide apt timely takes on escalating societal issues, notably racial divide and discrimination, with an infectious chorus that captures the often-needed escapism required for such real morbidity. “I don’t wanna see my kids in a battle for race / They ain’t even born yet and it’s a horrible place,” he laments, escalating into a chorus picked up by funky synth-bass. “I got a pocket full of dreams and a mind full of memories, that I wanna drown down in some Hennessy,” he says during the chorus, capturing a feeling of helplessness many feel in regard to justice system plights. For now, at least we can enjoy today’s news that the use of private prisons will finally end, and that there are talented acts like 6 Wings delivering timely pieces of deeply lyrical infectiousness.

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