Castle Pines – “I Saw You on the Radio”

castle pines

Castle Pines’ previously featured track, “1996“, was an aptly-named burst of nostalgia that – with its emotive vocal delivery and dexterously twangy guitars – resembled the best parts of punk-tinged ’90s alt-rock. “I Saw You on the Radio” traverses ahead a few years in its stylistic demeanor, the trickling and illuminated guitar work showing a more subdued side during the chorus and the vocals escalate in intensity. Early ’00s more to come to mind. The bridge, with the track title repeated, builds nicely into a muscle-y chorus with a very riveting vocal performance that showcases passion and accessible hook-friendly appeal.

The group’s newest single, “Hollow Cause”, is also highly recommended — being the most retrospective and most atmospheric of the band’s releases thus far. Really digging it:

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