Posted August 11, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

The Linedots – “Small Talk”

small talk

“Small Talk” is the debut single from The Linedots, which they say is “about everything and nothing at all; it is up to the listener to decipher their own meaning.” The London-based duo, comprised of Evangeline Ling and Kevin Emre, craft a seriously entrancing sound on “Small Talk”, where Ling’s vocal hypnotic nonchalance combines beautifully with a repeating orchestral element (either a manipulated string or woodwind instrument) that serves nicely as a melodic backbone alongside the steady percussion. “I’m tired of chasing your love, just want to be next to you,” she sings during the thrilling chorus, supplemented by a loop-y synth lead that adds some force to the fold. This is highly impressive, especially for a debut single.

Mike Mineo

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