Bartholin – “Paraphones”


Bartholin is the duo of Drew Danburry and Cat Leavy, with a seemingly lofty aim of exploring “the Freudian subconscious.” Their self-titled EP, out September 29th, features the excellent “Paraphones”, which works off amiable acoustic and guitar twangs over lush, breath-y vocals.┬áThe most infectious moment, when Danburry’s vocals exclaim “you dip into a lake so clean / you dive into the deep” followed by wordless vocal enthusiasm, guides into the track’s mid-way point. The final minute introduces additional melodic vocal bursts and twinkling keys, ascending into melodic chamber-pop territory beyond the already existent lively psych-folk. With strong songwriting and pleasantly melodic vibes, this duo should be on a quick ascent.

Mike Mineo

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