bitter’s kiss – “My God”


bitter’s kiss previously two featured tracks – the upbeat and spring-y “No One Will” and the lush rainy-day yearning “Love Won’t Make You Cry” – were very well-received on here, and I anticipate similar feedback with Chloe Baker’s new track “My God”, which finds a nice mid-tempo balance amidst astute contemplation on the dangers of forcing people to confine to one interpretation of religion. “”My God is my reaction to the irony in religious conflict,” she explains. “Religious beliefs are most often promoted as ways to make us better people, but can also be used to justify violence against others, with both sides believing that God is on their side.”

The New Jersey-based Baker continues to impress, showing a pop sophistication and lyrical insight well beyond her years. “My God” shows more adventurous territory, musically and lyrically, from her past works that shows continued development.

Mike Mineo

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