The Bottom Feeders – “stingrayface.” + “Boozin’ & Cruisin'”


“stingrayface.” is a fun and loose rocker that serves as the closing track from The Bottom Feeders’ self titled debut EP, released in February. The Bottom Feeders blend elements of garage and surf-rock alongside charismatic vocals and catchy fleeting guitar lines, hence why their sound conjures the nostalgia of a ’60s beach party, correctly per Steph Rodriguez of Sacramento News & Review. The more laid-back “Boozin’ & Cruisin'”, just released on August 11th, succeeds on similar fronts — with angular guitar lines meshing with youthfully charismatic vocals alongside beachside-set lackadaisical bliss. Their self-description – “cool beachy tunes from cool beachy dudes” sounds about right for this promising Sacramento-based act.

Mike Mineo

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