Dagars – “Displaced”



Dallas-based Dagars have released one of the most enjoyable EPs of the year so far with Projection mirror, which just came out today. “The EP offers a ray of optimism amidst a time of social tensions and political unrest,” the group says. “This album has a penchant for experimentation that finds the band expressing moments of subdued melancholy to a full blown temporary psychosis.” All five tracks here are excellent, from the twangy excitement of “Aquatica” to the slow-burning jangle of “Tunnel Vision”, though the opener “Displaced” serves as a fantastic introduction to the band’s arsenal. The guitar tones recall post-punk, somewhere between the ’80s dark Echo-like variety and The Wrens’ more modern twangy take, while the presently restrained percussion presents a nicely psychedelic breed. It’s utterly hypnotic from start to finish, the various guitar lines toppling over one another beautifully, the vocals serving well but taking a backseat to the ardent instrumental development. “Polysin”, meanwhile, sounds like a slab of ’90s alt-rock heaven; Spiritualized and Mercury Rev fans will certainly dig it.

Highly recommended to stream Projection Mirror in full below:

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