Dakota Jones – “Hands Tied”


Brooklyn-based quartet Dakota Jones formed a little over a year ago, in which time they have written a variety of original tunes, including the soulfully captivating “Hands Tied”. The vocals, somewhat trembling in their initially restrained emotional intensity, provide for a very gripping blues-infused presence. A simple instrumental arsenal begins this one, though the rise in distortion around 01:20 with the “hands tied!” vocal exultation plays well in terms of expansion. The “these dreams are the only thing that make me feel” multi-vocal layering moment at 02:25 plays particularly well leading into the rise in distortion, exemplifying this group’s impressive grasp on both garage-rock and contemporary blues-rock. Their sound and this track in particular plays a timely stylistic hybrid in commendable form.

Stream the group’s new EP below, which features two additional tracks:

Mike Mineo

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