Flight Feathers – “Bright City Lights”


New Jersey rockers Flight Feathers show off their roots rather nicely and immediately on “Bright City Lights”, where a high level of musicianship shows with a lively arrangement of guitars, keys, vocals, and brass, the latter particularly reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band’s melodic approach. The song’s core departs into more melodic indie-pop territory, though the brass during the chorus – and the “drivin’ on the highway / tryin’ to find my highway” bit – reminds of Bruce as well. Lovably so, it’s akin to Bruce brass-laden effects combined with an indie-pop charm. The project is fronted by Babi Pal, who grew up in New Jersey, went to NYC for college, and is now back in NJ – Maplewood, specifically – where he churns out tunes from his garage-based recording studio, where Flight Feather’s album was recorded and mixed. The band is rounded out by bassist Jason Dunphy, pianist Ryan Tully, and drummer Jonathan Wing, all who show great chops here.

Stream their full-length, Days Like These, below, featuring everything from rockers like the above to jangly country-tinged ballads like “Dead and Gone”:

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