HOAX – “Indian Summer”


Despite being released on the final day of summer, HOAX’s “Indian Summer” is melodically bright and contagious enough to properly exude the sun-basking vibes of our recently passed season. “These days, it’s not easy, easy, easy / ‘Cause you say you don’t need me, need me, need me,” the first hook goes, absolutely irresistible with the fleeting tropical guitar tones and overall delivery. As those words show, the track details an over-extended relationship, one that started nicely but – like a lingering season – overstayed its welcome. “A year ago I learned that an Indian summer is an abnormal period of hot weather that follows the summer months,” says HOAX vocalist Mike Raj. “This became a metaphor for three stories from my life where I was involved with someone where the connection should have ended much sooner but didn’t.” His vocal tone reminds me somewhat of Future Islands’ Samuel Herring, who captured similar more synth-infused vibes on “Seasons (Waiting on You)”.

This is a very stellar single from the Freeport, New York-based group that’s on frequent repeat.

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