Laxy Dazy – “Bellyflop”


Laxy Dazy is a highly promising brother-sister duo from Sydney, continuously perfecting their cosmic sound. A folky sparseness exists in their arsenal, but more noticeably the jazz-leaning percussion and lush dream-pop/psych-pop vibes — complemented by the twangy guitars and enthralling vocal presence. “Bellyflop” is their first single, and a wonderful one at that. “[The track] dives into the headspace and process of letting go of a relationship,” they explain. “Mentally retracing steps as a catharsis, all the while letting go of expectations and heavy burdens by finally surrendering.” Their upcoming EP is an entirely self-produced, home grown project “recorded in the hidden leafy sanctuary of Cheltenham in Northern Sydney.”

They offer a rich sound that’s on any act’s tier, particularly prominent during the percussive shift at 03:08, when a Flying Lotus/Radiohead sort-of shift occurs over the flawless vocals, the result reminding somewhere between Massive Attack’s spacious seduction, Beach House’s delicate dream-pop, and The Xx’s sleek tightness. Excellent work that stands on its own, for sure.


Mike Mineo

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